Amps Intelligence Mission:

Driving the Process of Intelligent Civilization

Ambs Intelligence Vision:

Become a Kinetic Energy Expert Leading the Intelligent World

Business philosophy:

Create together:

The co-creation we believe in is an attitude of common growth.

We hope that employees and enterprises will grow together, partners and enterprises will grow together, and on the way forward, we will develop and make progress together.


The sharing we believe in is an open attitude and a broad mind.

We believe that every sharing and transmission of knowledge is a progress, and every progress will inject momentum into our society to share a better life.

Win win:

We believe in win-win situation, which is the owner of self-improvement character.

We firmly believe that development requires cooperation in order to achieve win-win results. Facing the complex market situation, we need the mind and vision of mutual help, mutual promotion and common development to create the future hand in hand.

Ambs Intelligence Values:

Mindfulness        Mindfulness        Word         Action